5 Best Alternatives to Audials Music

Are you a subscriber to Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, Line Music, Tidal or other music sources? It does not matter whether you record from a web player or a PC software. Audials helps you record music from online streaming sources simply. But Audials is not the only music recorder you can get. There are more than 100 alternatives to Audials for a variety of platforms, including Online / Web-based, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Considering features, ratings, user reviews, pricing and more parameters, among all alternatives, we select 5 best music recorders for your reference. After reading this article, at least 6 options are available when you need to record and save music from online streaming services. Let's start right now.

Best Alternatives to Audials Music

💡 Audials Music Review

Audials Music is also called Audials Tunebite Platinum. This powerful music recorder supports to record streaming music and audiobooks from kinds of music sources. Get a share link of a song or a playlist from Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, Napster and other music apps, then you can easily download music to various formats with original quality. What's more, embedded tools of Audials Music show you a quick solution to organize playlists, add local music, burn audios to CD, convert audios and videos. Let's check how it works right now. And more details about Audials Music, you can check this ultimate review to know everything.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: After the installation of Audials Music, start this program on your windows PC. According to its public information, you can also download Android and iOS version, or run web version of Audials. However, you can only enjoy radios easily via Android, iOS and web version. To download music, you need to get a Windows PC to install Audials.

audials music recorder

Step 2: On the start-up interface of Audials, you will access all streaming sources. But if you want to download music, the corresponding app needs to be installed. Install the music app you need. Open the same music source on Audials. Then the music app will start automatically.

Step 3: Choose "Put Music from xxx to Audials". Then go to the music app and select a playlist, click the "share icon", and click "Copy Link". Audials will load songs from the playlist. Set the output parameters then start downloading.

downloading music with audials music recorder

❤️ Pros:

  • Multi-platform support: Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and many others.
  • Various Output Formats: FLAC, AAC, AIFF, AU, CAF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WMA, WMA Pro.
  • Organize and manage your media collection of local storage easily.
  • Customize music playlists.
  • Save high resolution quality songs.
  • Retain ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Record songs at 30X speed (actually 3X speed).
  • Provide a music & video converter. Convert audio to FLAC,AAC, AIFF, AU, CAF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WMA, WMA Pro files. Convert video to 3GP, 3G2, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG4, WMV files.

❤ Cons:

  • Need to install the music apps installed or open music websites.
  • Only Available on Windows.

💡 Best Alternatives to Audials Music 2022

Among all alternatives, 5 music recorders are selected. Check all parts then pick up a preferred music recorder.

#1 AudiCable Audio Recorder 👻

AudiCable Audio Recorder is also a streaming music recorder that supports stream music from all online sources, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, etc. All songs can be downloaded with original quality. The best part is that all the recording processes won't interfere with each other. You can even use your computer for any other tasks meanwhile.

Compared with Audials, this music recorder takes less steps to finish recording. And you do not need to install music apps on your computer. For most of users who are not interested in complicated products, this AudiCable is a perfect choice.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: AudiCable Audio Recorder needs to be installed on your computer. Then start this app after its installation. On the main interface, all common music platforms are listed. If you need to add other music sources, click Add Other Source.

start AudiCable

Step 2: On the top right, there is a "setting icon" . Click it to change the output formats. After that, close the pop-up window.

output settings of music

Step 3: Open the built-in music source you often use to listen to music on the main interface of AudiCable. Then open a playlist and play songs. AudiCable will download songs automatically. It downloads songs one by one with meta information retained. And if you select save music to 320kbps in the previous step, you can keep the original quality of the playing songs.

Tips: The "sound"  button on AudiCable can help you to mute the sound if you need. And the record will not be affected.

downloading spotify music to mp3

Step 4: After all downloads, click "file icon"  behind any song to check downloaded songs on the computer. Now you can move songs to any device and listen to them offline forever.

check downloaded spotify music

❤️ Pros:

  • Multi-platform support: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Add other music source manually.
  • Save music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC.
  • Retain and edit ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Keep original audio quality.
  • No extra installations to music apps.
  • Customize audio files with embedded audio editor.
  • Super easy steps to download music.
  • Support 28+ languages.
  • Free updates & technical support.

❤ Cons:

  • Record at original speed.

#2 DRmare Audio Capture 👻

DRmare Audio Capture is also an all-in-on music recorder which can capture and download music from different streaming music apps losslessly. With its help, you are able to freely rip music unlimited resources such as Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Beat 1, Slacker Radio and so on. But you need to play music on web player or music app then DRmare Audio Capture can detect the tracks correctly and record them quickly.

Compared with Audials Music, this program could not download songs from a playlist in batch. But it supports to record song from different platforms at the same time. And it compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: Launch the program after installing it. By default, Drmare Audio Capture provides entrances to Chrome, IE Explorer, WMPlayer, iTunes. But if you've installed music apps on the computer before, they are displayed on the main interface. If you need to record music from other music app, just install the music app and click "+" button to add it directly from your Windows PC or Mac.

DRmare Audio Capture

Step 2: Go to the lower right, click "the format button" to tweak the settings of output format, codec, bit rate, sample rate, channel. You can choose to save songs to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC formats. Generally, we choose MP3 as the output format.

output formats of DRmare Audio Capture

Step 3: Run the music app the play music you want. The playing song will be detected immediately and recorded automatically. DRmare Audio Capture can record multiple tracks at the same time. So you can repeat the process to turn on more apps or more taps of browser. All playing songs will be recorded in batch simultaneously. But if you record songs via only one app or website, then you have to record songs one by one.

recording music with DRmare Audio Capture

Step 4: When the playback of the song ends, the recording process will stop automatically. Then you can check the downloaded songs in the output folder on the computer.

downloaded songs on DRmare Audio Capture

❤️ Pros:

  • Multi-platform support: Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Beat 1, Slacker Radio, and many others.
  • Various Output Formats: MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC.
  • Keep the original audio quality.
  • Batch record songs from different sources simultaneously.
  • Support to keep and edit ID3 tags.
  • Available for Windows and Mac

❤ Cons:

  • Need to install the music apps installed or open music websites.
  • Record at original speed.

#3 Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder 👻

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the common-use music downloaders. This music recorder is designed to detect all sounds from microphone. Therefore when installing this recorder, you are required to allow access to microphone. You can record any real-time audio source automatically on your computer with this app. Thus, if you need to record music from YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music,Google Play Music, Yahoo Music,Deezer, and many others, just play the song in music app then Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder will download them simultaneously.

Compared with Audials Music, it can only detect music playing on the computer, but not a real downloader. And this app could not record high resolution music. But it also has its own advantages. It starts quickly with small size. You will not waste time before recording. And it's more stable with simple functions. In addition. if you want to rip music from messages or videos, this app is a good choice.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: Open the Streaming Audio Recorder on Windows PC or Mac. In the meanwhile, open the music app you need to record music from.

wondershare streaming audio recorder

Step 2: Tap the "setting icon" on the right top of the Streaming Audio Recorder window to change the saving path and output format. Only two formats are supported: MP3 and M4A.

Step 3: Click the "audio record icon" on the left top of the Streaming Audio Recorder window to make audio recording function Ready.

recording with wondershare streaming audio recorder

Step 4: Play music via the music app. Streaming Audio Recorder will record the song automatically with tag data. To find the downloaded songs, go to the "newly recorded" column.

save recorded music on wondershare streaming audio recorder

❤️ Pros:

  • Automatically detect music playing on the computer.
  • Detect tag data when recording.
  • Integrated ringtone maker.
  • Available in both Windows & Mac.

❤ Cons:

  • Need the music apps installed or open music websites.
  • Only two output formats: MP3 and M4A.
  • Record music with medium quality: up to 256kbps.
  • Dated user interface.
  • Record at original speed.

#4 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder 👻

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is designed to capture sound, and convert audio tracks to various format, including MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and FLAC. Sounds from both system and microphone can be detected by this app. It's similar with Wondershare streaming audio recorder. But it provides "auto to text" and "radio" options. If you want to rip audio from streaming music sources, you need to install the music app then record. After recording a song, you don't have to edit any information, and the program has auto-add ID3 tags features for its user's music files. What's more, there is a better use for this app, extracting music from videos or messages.

Compared with Audials Music, it can record music from not only streaming music sources. It supports to record any type of sound from your system or record audio with a microphone voice. And you will not suffer from complicated steps before recording.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: Download and install Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder on your computer. Then launch this program.

start Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 2: Afterwards, open the music app you need to rip music from. Go to the "setting icon" to adjust the output parameters. And playing the song while recording the song via the "record icon" under "Record" column of Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder.

output settings on Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 3: When finishing recording, just tap the recording and find all downloaded songs under "Library" column. Tag information will be saved automatically by this app.

recording music with Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

checked recorded music on Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

❤️ Pros:

  • Record any type of sound from your system or record audio with a microphone voice.
  • Export songs to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC.
  • Automatically save ID3 tags of songs.
  • Embedded "auto-to-text" and radio tools.

❤ Cons:

  • Need the music apps installed or open music websites.
  • Can only download 1 track each time.
  • Only support to save music up to 128kbps.
  • Record at original speed.

#5 Audacity Audio Recorder 👻

Audacity Audio Recorder if one of the most popular, and free streaming audio recorder as well as a multi-track audio editor. It's useful when you need to record streaming audio on Windows, Mac, LINUX, and other operating systems to WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files. It's a total free app created by a group of volunteers. The software can benefit you with features like mixing and combining, importing, and rendering the result as one. This software has powerful editing functions. Audacity can duplicate, cut, paste, or delete audio or add custom fades. In the field of audio editing, it can be used as a good software for fresh users. Some advantages and disadvantages are listed below so that you can understand Audacity more clearly.

Compared with Audials Music, it's free and open-source. That's everything. Who will refuse a free app? What's more, it's a powerful audio editor for users who want to record and customize audio files for special purposes.

🎧 Steps to Record Music:

Step 1: Open Audacity Audio Recorder on the computer. In the meanwhile, open the music app you need to record music from. You don't need to adjust the output parameters right now. While playing the song you need on the music app, you need to click the "red recording icon" on Audacity to start recording by your own.

recording with Audacity Audio Recorder

Step 2: When the song ends, tap "stop icon". Then you can go to File > Export > Export Multiple. Adjust the output quality and format, and rename it then you can save the song to computer. It does not support to record songs in batch. You need to record every song manually by yourself. But for editing audio files, it's definitely the first option.

save recorded music from Audacity Audio Recorder

❤️ Pros:

  • You can hardly find an open-source, free, powerful streaming audio recorder and editor like Audacity
  • Support to save music to WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Flexible and professional audio editor.
  • Aggregate multiple tracks and attenuates all of them separately.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and other operating systems.
  • free & open-source.

❤ Cons:

  • Need the music apps installed or open music websites.
  • The output quality is only up to 128kbps
  • Need to start and end music recording manually.
  • Not able to keep ID3 tags after recording.
  • Hard to use for people who know less about audio editing.
  • The interval between two updates can be quite long.


With the above streaming audio recording applications, you can easily find a preferred alternatives to Audials Music. Actually, AudiCable Audio Recorder is strongly recommended among all alternatives. Only AudiCable is the match of Audials at music recording. And for most of us, compared with Audials Music, AudiCable Audio Recorder is much easier on recording steps. Download and have a free try of AudiCable right now! If you find this guide is useful, please share it with people around you.

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