Best 5 Ways to Download Amazon Music Songs to Android/iPhone

Can I directly download Amazon Music songs to Android/iPhone?

Can I keep the downloaded Amazon Music songs on my phone after canceling subscription?


Amazon Music is an on-demand music streaming service that works similarly to Spotify, Tidal, and Apple music. It allows you to access thousands of curated playlists and radio stations to help with music discovery and downloading. You can download Amazon Music songs directly to your Android or iOS device with an Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited membership. But those downloads are cache files only available within the Amazon Music app. You can't export these downloaded files for use on other apps, devices, or external storage. Besides, if you want to keep the downloaded Amazon Music songs after canceling all subscriptions, you're also out of possibility — they're encoded in an encrypted format.

As such, there is a great need for a reliable and workable Amazon Music downloader. Here are the 5 best ways to download Amazon Music songs to Android/iPhone so you can listen to them anytime on the go.

Saving Amazon Music to Android/iPhone

Part 1 Download Amazon Music Songs for Android/iPhone

#1 AudiCable Audio Recorder (Best*)

Designed especially for all Amazon Music users, AudiCable Amazon Music Recorder is dedicated to helping you add and download all songs from Amazon Music to your PC. With the output parameters set, you can easily save songs from Amazon Music Unlimited & Amazon Music Prime to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF formats with lossless streaming music quality and ID3 tags kept. The program has the independent ability to complete the whole process of Amazon Music downloading and converting, so no additional apps (including Amazon Music app) are required.

 Alternatively, featuring all-in-one recording, AudiCable Audio Recorder rips music, playlists, and podcasts from all streaming music sources, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Line Music, Deezer, etc.

❤️ Pros:

  • Download music from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Line Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Pandora, SoundCloud and other music sources.
  • Other sounds from the computer will not be recorded, 100% clean.
  • Save Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC.
  • Retain and edit ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Move downloaded Amazon Music tracks to any portable device.
  • No need to install Amazon Music or other music apps.
  • Share your Amazon Music playlists with people around you.
  • Available for Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music.
  • Free updates & technical support.

🖤 Cons:

  • Record at original speed.

🎧 Tutorial

Step 1 Download and Install AudiCable Amazon Music Recorder

Firstly, download and start AudiCable Amazon Music Recorder for Windows or Mac. Then Navigate to "Amazon Music" and click.

Download AudiCable

Note: Using the "Add other sources" button, you can also add other music services that you want. Just copy the official website, customize it with a new name, and then implement a new music platform.

Step 2 Choose the Player and Sign in

Please choose the way you want to download from Amazon Music. After that, sign in with your Amazon Music account.

Choose the Recording Player

Note: The first option will bring up AudiCable's built-in web player window, and the second will pop up from your Chrome.

Step 3 Customize the Output Parameters

On the top-right corner of AudiCable, click on a "gear icon". From the pop-up setting window, you can freely choose MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC as the output format for your Amazon Music songs. Then close it to apply the changes.

Adjust Your Output Parameters

Note: Apart from the output format, you can also freely customize the output quality and output path as you like. The audio quality varies from 128kbps to 320kbps.

Step 4 Download Amazon Music to Local Files

Choose your preferred Amazon Music songs, playlist, or albums to play. As soon as you play the song, AudiCable will start recording simultaneously. 

Download Amazon Music to Computer

Note: If you want to mute the sound and just download Spotify music in the background, you can go to the upper right, and tap the "sound" icon to switch to mute.

Step 5 Check Downloaded Amazon Music on Your Computer Folder

Click the "Recorded" tap, and the "folder icon" behind a song, then you can quickly get the downloaded music.

Check Downloaded Amazon Songs

#2 AudiFab Amazon Music Converter

AudiFab Amazon Music Converter is another specialist in converting Amazon Music songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC with original audio quality. Moreover, this excellent Amazon Music Converter supports downloading songs from Amazon Music at up to 10X speed.

❤️ Pros:

  • Download Amazon Music with the original audio quality kept.
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC swiftly.
  • Remain the ID3 Tags information of tracks after conversion.
  • Support batch conversion.
  • Free updates & technical support.

🖤 Cons:

  • Does not convert from other streaming services.
  • Free Version only converts the first 1 minute of each audio segment.

🎧 Tutorial

Step 1 Launch this Amazon Music Converter and choose to record from Amazon Music app. Drag & drop songs, an album, or a playlist from the Amazon Music app to AudiFab. Check the titles that you'd like to export to your local drive and then click Add.

Download Amazon Music from AudiFab

Step 2 Set up the output parameters on the setting window.

Output Settings of Amazon Music

Step 3 Click the "Convert" button, and AudiFab would immediately start exporting Apple Music songs.

Convert Amazon Music to MP3

Step 4 Once converted successfully, go to the "Converted" > "Folder" icon to get the downloaded songs.

Check Downloaded Amazon Music

#3 NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter

NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter functions excellently for converting Amazon Music tracks to MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. The important ID3 tags will be saved as well after conversion. With this helpful Amazon Music Converter, you can easily get regular Amazon Music files and enjoy them on various media players anytime, anywhere.

❤️ Pros:

  • Download Amazon Music songs/playlists/albums/podcasts.
  • Convert Amazon songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF/FLAC/ALAC.
  • Up to 10X faster speed.
  • Keep & edit ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Support batch conversion.

🖤 Cons:

  • Does not convert from other streaming services.
  • Free Version only converts the first 1 minute of each audio segment.

🎧 Tutorial:

Step 1 Open NoteBurner program and select to convert from Amazon Music app. Copy the music link from Amazon Music and paste it to NoteBurner , then click "Add".

Add Amazon Music Songs to NoteBurner

Step 2 Go to the setting window, and then choose output settings.

Adjust NoteBurner Output Parameters

Step 3 Click "Convert" to start downloading Amazon Music as offline music files.

Start Converting

Step 4 When everything is done, tap "Converted" > "Folder" icon to get the downloaded songs.

Check Amazon Music Downloads

#4 TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter

TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter is a well-crafted software to download Amazon music to a computer and convert it to MP3, AAC, WAC, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC formats. With your favorite Amazon music saved to the local, you can play them on smart devices at ease. Be noted that there are no extra audio tools in this software.

❤️ Pros:

  • Download Amazon Music songs locally.
  • Support output format as MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF/FLAC/ALAC.
  • Batch download Amazon playlists/albums.
  • Keep ID3 tags and original audio quality.
  • Archive downloaded songs by album/artist.

🖤 Cons:

  • Does not convert from other streaming services.
  • Not support editing downloaded tracks.

🎧 Tutorial:

Step 1 Run this Amazon Music Converter, click the Amazon Music web player as the conversion mode. Then sign in your Amazon Music account.

Launch TuneBoto

Step 2 Click the setting to customize output settings.

Set Up the Format

Step 3 Open an Amazon playlist or album, and tap the blue "+" button. Later click "Convert" to start conversion.

Get Downloaded Audio

Step 4 Click the "Converted" icon on TuneBoto to view the downloaded Amazon Music songs.

#5 TunePat Amazon Music Converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter works well like TuneBoto, supporting to help Amazon users to download or record any songs, albums or playlists to generic formats. Since Amazon Music songs are saved as local files, you can move them to your devices for offline streaming. But the downside is that it cannot edit the downloaded audio after conversion.

❤️ Pros:

  • Download Amazon Music for offline listening.
  • Up to 10X conversion speed.
  • Save Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, FlAC, etc,.
  • Keep ID3 tags and original streaming quality after conversion.

🖤 Cons:

  • Does not convert from other streaming services.
  • Not support editing downloaded tracks.

🎧 Tutorial:

Step 1 Run TunePat Amazon Music Converter on PC, go to convert from the web player. And it will automatically pop up the Amazon Music Web Player.

TunePat Log in

Step 2 Set up the output parameters as you like.

Choose Settings

Step 3 Go to the playlist, artist, album, or podcast, then click on the hover "+" con button and select the songs that you'd like to convert by clicking "Add".

Add Amazon Music

Step 4 Click on "Convert" button to start converting the Amazon songs to the output format you chose.

Part 2 Transfer Amazon Music Songs to Android/iPhone

This part will guide you on how to transfer Amazon Music songs to your Android/iPhone. After importing the downloaded Amazon Music songs to your mobile devices, you can easily listen to Amazon Music offline without cutting down mobile data.

Method 1 Transfer Amazon Music Songs to Android via USB Drive

Step 1 Connect your Android phone to computer via USB Drive. You need to change the connection mode to "Transfer File" or "MTP". Otherwise, the driver of your connected phone will not be displayed.

Step 2 Go to "This PC" to find the driver of the connected Android phone. Then create a new folder to save Amazon Music songs.

Step 3 Copy the downloaded Amazon Music tracks to Android disk. Then on your Android phone, you can open any music app to play the downloaded Amazon songs.

Amazon Music Songs to Android via USB

Method 2 Transfer Amazon Music Songs to iPhone via iTunes

Step 1 Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac. Click the File menu, and then click "Add to Library". Here choose the downloaded Amazon Music files you want to import.

Step 2 Next connect your iPhone with a USB cable or via WiFi. Go to the "Music" tab and tick "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres". Now sync the imported songs to your iPhone.

Sync Amazon Music via iTunes

Method 3 Transfer Amazon Music Songs to Android/iPhone via Syncios

Syncios Mobile Manager provides a more convenient solution to transfer Amazon Music songs to both Android and iPhone without affecting any existing data on your device. The tool helps you manage your media collection in a way you like. Transferring songs between Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and computer is simple.

Step 1 Download and install a free version of Syncios Mobile Manager on your computer. Then click "Mobile Manager" on the start-up interface.

Open Syncios

Step 2 Get a USB cable to connect you phone with computer. Here create a new Amazon Music playlist, then go to Music tab, click "Add" button to locate the downloaded Amazon Music songs. Lastly click "open" to transfer them to your smart devices.

Transfer Amazon Music to Phone

Step 3 Open Music app on Android/iPhone, you can see the imported music. Now enjoy downloaded Amazon Music songs offline forever. You can import music to other devices via this method later.


  • All these methods are for personal or educational use only.
  • You should not use these tools to distribute music or for business.


You'll be treated to a fantastic listening experience on the go by downloading Amazon Music to your Android Phone or iPhone. Instead of downloading Amazon Music songs for streaming on the app only, with those 5 best ways performed above, you can easily listen to Amazon Music songs on any smart devices. Furthermore, if you want to benefit from more practical features, such as keeping Amazon Music forever, playing Amazon Music on MP3 players, or customize Amazon Music as ringtone on your phone, etc,. In that case, you can’t miss out AudiCable Audio Recorder. Combining all features of most streaming music tools as listed, AudiCable is worth the top pick for anyone!

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